General Proves of Self Development in Human Design

Humans are probably unique as a species in using a before the fact awareness that we are likely to kick-the-bucket. However, relatively few people probably need to die, although the alternative, if you stop and think about it, immortality either with or without eternal youth, are not very pretty either. Anyway, it is not surprising that we have produced the following best security blanket going an afterlife. Alas, needing it does not make it so. You would really think that if an afterlife was fact then somehow some concrete proof would have filtered back to us aging mortals, merely to shore up our belief system.

Visual Art: Visual art are art forms designed for the eyes, though they could also be natural such as scene, sunsets, cloud forms, seascapes.  Art appreciation is universal, even though it is often a case of different strokes for different folks in human design. Paintings obviously come to mind, even playboy pinups eye-catching or gratifying architecture qualifies 3-D sculptures clearly dance, the theatre and in more contemporary times cinema. The problem here is why art recognition like music appreciation is valued or has a resonance whatsoever since art recognition has no obvious survival value.

Human Design Development

There is little to be gained standing around admiring the striped patterns on a hungry tiger that has got an eye on you that has nothing to do with its art appreciation. But it would be interesting to have the ability to communicate with some of the higher IQ animal’s mammals and birds to figure out if they appreciate the beauty in a rainbow, these southern or northern lights the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australia or the stalagmites and stalactites that is in their cave.

Every day in every way, say over morning tea breaks in the office water cooler, over dinner or breakfast in the home, differences of opinions make themselves understood in no uncertain terms. The human trait of enjoying an argument ever keen to participate in one in the drop of the proverbial hat is a universal one. It is another facet to territoriality. You bet out not a physical land, but a non-physical one, nevertheless defend it just as passionately. It has been formalized in debating societies or in people debating forums and political institutions such as congress or parliaments.

In conclusion, many of these human universals are fairly unique relative to our animal kin many seem to have had little or no part to play in our evolutionary survival. Many are therefore somewhat anomalous. However, let us not forget about all those presents from our alien gods. If true, that would help clarify lots of these anomalies.